Here you can help us, if you can use Adobe Flash CC

The idea is people helping us with new outfits. We can provide the FLA with all princess poses, so you can design an outfit for her.
The outfits needs to be in Mario Universe. One or two outfits will be from other games, like Alice Wonderland (a bonus I tried to make in my free time).
So we want to know if someone can help us design one of those:

[ ] OUTFIT: Lakitu outfit (actually only moving clouds covering her shameless areas, with a Lakitu helmet and green boots)
[ ] OUTFIT: Alice(body, skirt, bra, apron).
[ ] OUTFIT: Tennis outfit
[ ] OUTFIT: Black Leather/corset dress (with a whip) and fishnet stockings
[ ] OUTFIT: Poncho (from Super Mario Odyssey)

You can also give other ideas, provided it's from Mario Universe. In order to contact me, just go to my LEGEND OF KRYSTAL thread about MIM PUT game.
Please be careful of asking me before making those (in the case you already have the FLA) because there is a risk another person is making the same outfit.
Thank you!