Welcome to my official page of Peach Untold Tale game!
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WARNING: THIS SITE HAS NSFW content (you know, not safe for work)! Also, it's an 18+ GAME! If you're a minor (in your country) or are offended by the content, please LEAVE NOW!

In this page you will find everthing about PUT game, like FAQ (that tells you about CHEATS, ERO/SEXUAL SCENES and other info), NEWS, GAME PLOT, MAIN FEATURES, CHANGELOGS, or you can DOWNLOAD the game directly. Please use the menu!

The forum site I am more active is LOK: LEGEND OF KRYSTAL. I usually answer people in the same day, and you can find 'hot nighty versions' right away.
You can access my BLOG here (not so updated): Aedler Programming (Blogger)

Attention: Legend of Krystal (LOK) and GITHUB (here) are the only official sites of this game! If you intend to post anywhere else, please put a link back to this site and credit me, also explaining the team is on both sites above, so we can check suggestions, features and feedback. We can implement them and catch bugs faster. It's for YOUR benefit!